Did you know that indoor air quality is generally worse than most people believe? Our homes contain many furnishings, appliances and products that alter the natural indoor air quality.

WHAT IS INDOOR AIR Quality testing?

Indoor Air Quality testing covers things such as an assessment of indoor air vapor content, pollutant remediation, and an air flow assessment. These are some of the primary contributing factors to less than ideal internal air quality conditions.

how is an indoor air quality test conducted?

Using a specialized tool such as an Airometer, we will sample the air from a variety of rooms in the home and report on the contents of the air sample.

who benefits from indoor air quality tests?

If you are an allergy sufferer or are otherwise particularly sensitive to respiratory conditions, you may want to consider an indoor air quality test. If you have young children or are expecting, that may be another time to consider having the air in your home tested.

is an indoor air quality test included?

Generally, a detailed indoor air quality inspection is not necessary for most homes we've inspected. When we see warning signs such as mold-like substances, particularly dirty vents, or improperly sealed windows or doors, we'll let you know and inquire as to whether or not you would like a more detailed assessment.